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Sue Avery Lewis

Creating poetic objects as my response to nature and the human condition is my focus.

Balances reflected in the work include the whimsical with the spiritual, the technical with the metaphoric, and the personal with the universal. I am aware that the extraordinary is in the ordinary if we take time to be with it.

My education began in my mother’s art studio where messing around was not only allowed but encouraged. My father’s desire to see a more traditional direction led to an English lit focus with teaching certification, followed by art education certification and an M.A. in Designer Crafts and Painting—all from Iowa State University. Postgraduate work included course work in art therapy, counseling, and administrative endorsement plus numerous art and humanities workshops across the country. As a career art educator I taught for more than thirty years in public schools (primarily high school), Drake University as an adjunct art professor, teacher training workshops and at the Des Moines Art Center. I have had four solo shows in Iowa and have been carried by art galleries in Iowa, Colorado and Arizona.

As long as I am blessed with the ability to create, I will. I wish you joy in your own truth seeking. May this work prod a thought or two.