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From the Spencer Reporter:

“She led hundreds of students in their own searches during her years as a teacher. Now she can focus on the messages which surround her. Birds, stones, feathers, and the myriad of natural forms supply the inspiration for these series she creates as part of her search.”

“Walking into the show “Art As Visual Voice” you first notice oil paintings, line drawings and jewelry sculptures. That alone is pleasing. But if you take a deeper, longer look and really see what is there, you will discover the soul of the show and of the artist.”

“The exhibit has a Zen-like feel to it. It’s serene, quiet, and orderly. Closer examination reveals Lewis’ depth of understanding of the world at large and the creatures in it. “

“Writing incorporated into the art gives the viewers something to think about.”

“The work can be viewed on several levels--the aesthetic, the technical and the conceptual. There is a metaphoric thread that runs through each series.”

From the Des Moines Register:

“A new solo art show by Sue Lewis cranks the idea of the ‘concept car’ into a whole new gear. Some of the whirligigs look like prototypes from Dr. Seuss’ lab or some kind of Space Age factory from “the Jetsons’, but the actual physics of how they work matters less than the concepts they represent.”

“These Vehicles of Inquiry aim to transport us from our current spot to where we wish to go. In order to find answers, we must ask the right questions.”

From viewers written in journals at shows:

“I love to see the process from nature to art. Very creative.”

“Beautiful, spiritual, and enlightening.”

“You have found wonderful media to express eternal messages.”

“We were delighted with your wit, wisdom, insight and artistry.”

“I hate to see this show come down. One can look at it so many times and enjoy and gain from each viewing. The deep thoughts involved are very inspirational. “